Etihad Captains Shoot

Date: June 2012

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Harlequins captain Chris Robshaw and Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany squared off to settle that age-old debate which has long dominated the halls of rb create: Which is better - rugby or football? While doing that they also fitted in a photo shoot with rb create for their sponsor, Etihad.

The location was the first surprise. This shoot took place in a ‘bubble’ - an indoor synthetic football pitch in an inflatable dome which our photographers almost deflated trying to get our camera equipment in and out via the emergency door.

The second surprise was the lack of entourage for either of the captains; just a PR rep from Man City making sure Vincent had the right kit on. There were plenty of people for behind the cameras though - at one point there was a cameraman filming a photographer who was taking a picture of an rb create photographer who was taking a picture of Chris and Vincent. At least we knew the day was being well documented.

Vincent was injured but still managed to copy all the rugby ball tricks Chris showed him. The captains posed for our photos while chatting and comparing rugby vs football.

The debate continues…

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